Aviral Vardiya

Self-taught full-stack web developer by passion, a mechanical engineer by qualification and an avocational musician.

Week-17&18 @ 100xdevs cohort : Building a money transfer wallet app
Week-16 @ 100xdevs cohort : Streamlining Development with Monorepos and Turborepo, Introduction to NextAuth
Week-15 @ 100xdevs cohort : Introduction to Docker, layers, networks, volumes, bind mounts, Docker compose and Docker Hub.
Week-14 @ 100xdevs cohort : Introduction to Next.js
Week-13 @ 100xdevs cohort : BLOG app using react TS frontend and hono backend hosted on cloudflare workers
Week-12 @ 100xdevs cohort : CDN and FE deoployment on AWS, advanced TypeScript APIs, SQL & Prisma relations and transactions and connection pooling.