Week-5 @ 100xdevs cohort : Building a Todo List app using React


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Week-5 @ 100xdevs cohort : Building a Todo List app using React

๐Ÿš€ Completed week-5 of 100xdevs cohort delving deep into the transformative power of React.

This week, we navigated through the dynamic world of React, where conventional DOM manipulation faces challenges. While libraries like jQuery provided some ease, they still posed difficulties for extensive applications. Enter Vue.js and React, introducing revolutionary syntaxes for frontend development.

We learned that under the hood, React's compiler converts code into HTML, CSS, and JS. The dual representation of the Virtual DOM and the Real DOM plays a pivotal role. The Virtual DOM is a lightweight copy optimized for efficient updates in the Real DOM, the browser's Document Object Model. It represents changes in component state through a diffing process, enabling selective and efficient updates. Key concepts like "State" for dynamic application states, "Component" as UI building blocks, and automatic "re-rendering" for seamless updates enhance overall performance and user experience.

Following this, we conducted a state management and re-rendering demo by building a Todo List app. We also explored React props, which allow us to pass data and functions from parent components to child components.